If there is one principle that holds true across pretty much every diet, whether it is Mediterranean, Keto, vegetarian, and it is that more vegetables are better.    One hack that many people are turning to is replacing traditional rice with “cauli- rice” which has a fraction of the calories and more vitamins.

While it is easy enough to make your own cauli rice, many stores now carry frozen cauli rice, to make a healthy food even more convenient.  In an effort to take the veggie content to the next level while adding more protein, I paired it with spinach and chickpeas from Ready Fresh.  Here is the recipe:

Spinach and Chickpea Cauli Rice

For dinner, I paired it with some crab cakes. 

I also made a version with jasmine rice, since my husband doesn’t care for cauliflower.  Even with the regular rice, he still got a serving of veggies from the spinach and thought it was super tasty.