Ratatouille.  Not only is it a cute movie, it is also a tasty and nutritious meal.  The downside: it takes forever to slice all of those vegetables.  In an effort to save time, I used to sacrifice my fingertips and knuckles and use a mandolin slicer.  Now, I can enjoy one of my favorite dishes without the hassle (and blood loss).  Enter Ready Fresh’s Ratatouille joining together nutrition, flavor, and convenience.

 There are several things I love about this recipe.  For starters it is fast, it took me only around 25 minutes from beginning to, and most of that time was hands-off time, while the salmon was baking.  I even had the chance to do a really quick 15 minute HIIT workout while the salmon was baking.  In addition, it is super easy to clean up, (I had just one pan to wash) and can be easily modified for those with food sensitivities.  Without further ado . . .on to the recipe!

Ratatouille Crostini

As an added bonus even my kids enjoyed it.  The seven-year-old even said, “This is the best dinner ever!”  Granted that was after five minutes of convincing him to even taste it, but hey its still a victory in my book.