South of Spain to your table

Twenty years ago, three friends from the South of Spain who had grown up together on their family farm, had a vision to launch a sustainable produce company. They wanted to create unique Mediterranean vegetable dishes just the way their Andalusian mothers had. Their goal was to capture the feel of grabbing a handful of vegetables from the garden, preparing them with a light touch to preserve their delicate flavors and serving them right away on the family dining table.



A pinch of salt, a grind of pepper, some herbs and a few drops of olive oil was all they needed to honor the simplicity of the Mediterranean cuisine. They developed a process for harvesting year-round in small batches, using the gentlest bain marie (hot water bath) cooking process and heat-sealing the vegetables quickly into trays to lock in that incredible flavor.

Twenty years later, the farmers in Andalusia are proud to offer their harvest to us, so their vegetables can be part of your American dinner table.

We want only the best produce, no artifical flavors, colors or preservatives, to meet the consumer’s healthy, clean, delicious eating expectations.