Recently, we were hosting a gathering and wanted to come up with the perfect tasty and easy hors d’oeuvre.

The sharpness and salty flavor of the feta balances well with the tang of the roasted red pepper.  Pairing year-round, pantry-ready ingredients like Mediterranean Fields roasted red peppers with a sharp cheese like feta fit the bill for the flavors we wanted to bring to a bruschetta recipe. We pulsed some of the bruschetta topping ingredients in the food processor until they made a spread, which provided a base for the other toppings and allowed our guests to easily pick up our bruschetta and eat it neatly (a must for those dinner parties where you are talking and circulating in the room).  Plus the red peppers make such a pretty color contrast with the cheese.

Without any further ado, may we present:

Feta Cheese Bruschetta